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\\Graphics by fission//

Alchemy In Wonderland
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Thank you to bethyj_graphics for the userinfo table.
Thanks so much to snubbly for the layout base code.
Manners matter! A simple "please" and "thank you" go a long way. Simple as that. If you genuinely love an offer of mine, let me know! I like knowing what offers you like best. I by no means want you to be a kiss ass and praise everything that I make, but if you genuinely like something go ahead and let me know! A please and thank you let me know that you appreciate the time that I take to make you something. =]
Do not request something if you will not USE it.
If you upload your graphics to photobucket, please make sure that you upload them to a private album. If you need help with this just let me know.
Credit for what is made for you. Please use lj tags or hover credits. Please credit to fairytale at alchemey.
Do not request if you will not use it or if you do not plan on using it. It is a waste of my time if you don't use what you make and sometimes it takes the spot of someone that will actually use it. Courtesy is all I ask. Thanks.
Comment when picking up your graphics.
Please check for pickups before requesting something new.
Do not request every single offer that I post unless you are Loved/Always Pass Holders. Give others a chance to request. I usually leave my offers up for at least a week before I fill them, so if you come back 72 hours after an offer is posted and there are still spots open then feel free to take one even if you requested other offers in other communities. I just don't want a person to request every offer in every community that I make in back to back since I usually post all of my offers at once and make in several communities.
Do not steal or take apart the things that I make. If you would like the original pixel from a freeware blinkie, just ask. I sometimes recolor or combine pixels and I also use paid pixels.
Please use correct grammar and spelling. I really hate internet speak and abbreviations for the most part so use them in moderation or try not to use them. =P (lol, btw, etc. is okay. lYk3 l00k @t th15 is not okay. =])
Please read each post before requesting and follow all instructions included therein. Also make sure to follow all the instructions within the request form. If you fail to read the instructions and request incorrectly then your graphic may be made incorrectly or may not be made at all depending on the instructions. I'd rather everyone get their pretties, so please make sure to read. =]
Please do not change the form in any way or request something extra that is not specified in the post or in the form. It is, sorry to say, rude to request something extra. Doing special requests in offers isn't fair to those that would have liked something different as well, and it isn't fair to myself because it requires extra work on my part that I didn't intend on.
When I make limited offers taking only a certain number of requests, you may request every other offer. When I make an unlimited offer anyone may request regardless of their last request. When I post a ROUND of offers you may request one (unless another number is stated) out of all the offers in the round if you are a member & you may request all offers in a round if you are on my Loved/ALWAYS list unless otherwise stated. Check to make sure if the offer is limited, unlimited, or part of a round. It will be displayed at the top of the entry.
You may not save something that was not made for you.
Offers made by myself are for use on Livejournal, personal websites, and email signatures only unless otherwise stated. My offers are not to be used on other social network platforms unless otherwise stated. Some of the things that I make have paid pixels in them and the terms of use from the websites that I get them from prohibit social network usage. When I say personal website, I mean a website that belongs to you and that you pay for your own hosting. (EX. www.myownwebsite.com) Blogger, Myspace, Facebook, etc. are NOT personal websites. If you have a question about a specific offer then please just ask. I don't bite. =]
No drama will be tolerated here. If anyone brings any drama with them then they will be banned from the community and from requesting from me. Nobody likes a drama whore. =]
If you have any problems within the community or have any questions please send an email to me so that I can get back to you as soon as I can. I will try to respond to any questions or concerns in a timely manner. My email is checked daily unless something comes up. ronweasleyismyking@hotmail.com is where I can be reached. Please include your lj username if sending me an email. Thanks!
Any Pixel-to-Blinkies are subject to be placed in my gallery unless it is a pixel that you made or that was made specifically for you. If this is the case please let me know ahead of time. Any freeware pixels are subject to be placed in the gallery.
Welcome to Alchemey! This is the graphics journal of fission. I will be posting mostly blinkies here but I will also post icons, sigtags, and miscellaneous graphics when I can. If you have all your icons and graphics credited then request to join and wait for approval. Remember to read the rules and enjoy yourself! =]

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