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7th-Mar-2013 08:19 pm - Limited Offer

Taking the first 5 + Loved

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3rd-Feb-2013 12:07 am - Limited Offer
First 5 + Loved

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25th-Jan-2013 05:51 pm - Limited Offer
I made three new V-day inspired blinkies, one for each community I design in.
You can only request one unless you are loved, then you may request them all!

Taking 5 + Loved

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16th-Dec-2012 03:38 pm - Unlimited Offer
In light of the horrific event that took place in Connecticut this last week, I am offering a support icon as we keep all of those affected by the tragic shooting in our thoughts and prayers. The school colors for Sandy Hook Elementary are green and white, so the colors will not change!


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14th-Dec-2012 03:22 pm - Tara's Pick-Ups
Thank you all for requesting from me! I apologize for being so late with these pick-ups as I have just been so busy and rarely home due to the holidays! I have pick-ups for

We Wish You A Merry ChristmasCollapse )
6th-Dec-2012 03:57 pm - Limited Offer
Here are some cute little caroler's for you!

First 5 + Loved

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Labyrinth: Default&gt;&gt;As the world falls d

If you have received a coupon from me in your basket at makerappreciate on behalf of myself or someone else then please comment on this post and leave your requests. (If you have more than one coupon then just add everything together!) I really am grateful to all graphic makers for taking time out of their days to make us graphics for our blogs here on livejournal. Even though it isn't said nearly enough by everyone, you truly are appreciated. Thank you so much for all that you do!

My gallery is located here.

Examples can be seen here.

Pixel to Blinkie Form

Custom Icon Form

Banner Form

Sidebar Form

30th-Nov-2012 01:14 pm - Unlimited Offer
Labyrinth: Default&gt;&gt;As the world falls d
Sorry for my mysterious absence. I truly apologize. I have not been well health-wise so I have been trying to get better. I am going to be catching up with anything that is outstanding. I will be working on past Loved Monthly Requests (as well as posting November/December monthly requests) and all outstanding promo prizes. If you have requested an icon or blinkie from me over the past few months from a promo and would like to change the request then please do so now since I plan to start getting these done asap. Just go to the original post and either edit your request or delete it and add a new comment. Here is a little holiday blinkie to get back into things with. My next several offers will be unlimited since I have been away all month. Please request these before they close! Okies, here you go! I hope that you like it!

REMINDERS: Graphic Maker Appreciation Day at makerappreciate is tomorrow! Please let all your favorite makers know how much they mean to you by leaving them a little note or gift. A few simple words of appreciation can mean the world! Also, the Winter/Christmas Theme Week collaboration with myself and daynavon kicks off on Sunday! If you would like to join the theme week please hurry! Information can be found HERE.


Example for tarakins42. ♥ Feel free to request another if you wish. =]

❆ Only request if you plan to use it!

Boxes by adawong. & hearts;

27th-Aug-2012 11:18 am - Reminder
Just a reminder that this was posted late last night!
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